Before you Make Investment in an Apartment, Consider These Eight Facts!

When you think about investment, what comes to your mind? It’s but obvious, is it a good deal. But the most shocking part is that many of you do not know how to invest in a good deal. For cracking a good deal, you need to research well and must go for right way.

Therefore, look at the eight facts to consider while investing in an apartment building:


Buy apartment in that building where tenants live. Make sure you purchase an apartment that is very close to the lifestyle areas where the supermarket, café shops, and your workplace are nearby to your apartment.


Look for an apartment in major countries like Barbados. Avoid buying in rural areas or mining towns, as capital growth is usually stronger in bigger cities.



The major difficulty, nowadays, is of parking. Make sure that you are offered with this facility like that of luxury mansions in Barbados that offers a wide area for parking. Talk to the people living near the apartment if they are satisfied with the car parking area provided to them. Then only, step ahead to buy an apartment.


If you are purchasing one bedroom set, make sure that it is not less than the 50 square meter internally. You can even verify the unit size of the strata plan, which should be included in the plan.


Try not to buy a dwelling, where you have to walk down to get the access; as such places are quite dark and not safe.



Have you looked around the area to see what types of apartments are on sale? You need to know the market rates for different types of apartment, which can help you forecast more precisely the amount, you should pay.


Stay away from large development that has hundreds of properties in a complex. Go for boutique blocks that have maximum of 18 units.

Consult Architecture


This is an essential thing to notice before you buy an apartment. You should know certain things, like how old the building is, whether all the facilities are available such as water, electricity, and more. It is recommended that you must talk to architecture before buying an apartment. Check every angle of the dwelling starting from the strength, foundation, and the longevity of the property.

Hope you invest in a right apartment, after going through these eight facts.


Five Major Things to Ponder before Buying a Condo

If you are living in Barbados and thinking of buying a new home, choosing condo can be the best choice. These are often less costly than purchasing a new house. They can offer ease due to its great features. So, before proceeding with buying of a condo, make sure you consider the following five things:

  • Don’t Own the Land

A condo is a building where there several apartments are individually owned. Owners of the apartment try to keep their exterior presentable. They even contribute to pay the cost of maintenance of the combined areas or amenities. Even, they don’t hold title on which the structure locates.

  •  Provides Convenience

A condo community provides amenities that otherwise you might not be able to meet the expense for it. While purchasing a townhouse, pools, or a tennis court, you might have to think hundreds of times about your budget. However, a condo provides such amenities at a cost-efficient price. The complex community association can easily manage some interior issues such as electricity and plumbing.



  • Build Social-Network

If you talk about social- network, a condo is the best for singles, couples and families. You can chitchat with your neighbors easily; there are greater opportunities for you to meet new people. You are likely to have less privacy with the neighbor living the next door to you. You can hear the music your neighbors are playing or if they are watching TV channels. However, before buying the condo, recognize whether your neighbors are friendly. If you are searching a perfect condo for sale in Barbados, search for the top reliable company today.

man drawing social network plan on whiteboard

  •  Calculate the Cost

Generally, a condo is cheaper than townhouses as the use of available space is maximized, with many condo builds on a piece of land. Some association can be political and hold you responsible for any perceived infringement of rules. Many associations can also impose fees for maintenance whereas in the other type of home, you have to pay for the expensive renovation or the maintenance of projects.


So, before buying a condo, check whether the outstanding maintenance is expensive as mentioned by them. Then, ask for the copy of the building certificate of insurance and verify the building development cost. After verifying all these things, make your decision.

  •  Zone in Out Your Preferred Location

How long would it take to go to your workplace? Are the supermarkets nearby? Living in a condo is having a perfect lifestyle and convenience, so think of a place where you can spend most of your time and is nearby to your workplace.
So, don’t forget to consider these major things before buying a condo.